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Nature’s wonders with Shaantam

Shaantam means “Peace”. A peaceful resort retreat that explores each aspect of calmness and tranquility: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. At Shaantam we believe in nourishing and nurturing the true qualities of nature away from the din and bustle of city life. Situated in the lap of Lord Shiva (Neelkanth) near to the town of Rishikesh, surrounded by the mighty green Himalayan ranges, this place offers you with holistic wellness of mind and soul. Our aim is to offer pervasive calmness and the path of self-discovery and mindfulness. Away from the city life Shaantam offers and the kind of energy that would settle your mind, take your worries away and help you recover from the negative effects of stressful lifestyles through a combination of nature, meditation, Spa therapies and nutritious meals. It will connect you and make you feel one with the nature, it you help you regain your inner harmony.

Shaantam offers you inner peace and makes you feel one with the spirit of the holy Ganga and the mystic natural surroundings. Living up to its name the most striking aspect of this place is its silence absolutely still! It is the most beautiful silence broken only by the gentlest of sounds of nature.

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