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Nature’s wonders with Shaantam

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About Us

Shaantam is a luxury spa resort in the Himalayas overlooking the holy town of Rishikesh. It boasts of unsurpassed natural beauty. Lying in the foothills of India’s highest mountain range, it is dipped in lush greenery and embraces mother-nature at its lavish best.

True to its name, 'Shaantam' is a perfectly quiet getaway from a stressful life. The ambience guides you into a state of fantasy, and you will find yourself lazing around in peace - as soon as you get there. It is a resort where the only sounds you hear is singing of birds, and the cool breeze making trees sway, embrace and kiss each other.

Shaantam is a resort which provides the perfect ambience to detoxify our stressed minds and souls. As we get immersed in this mystic spell of luxury nestled in nature’s lap, we are in complete harmony with creation. It is a mental reset button, which makes us begin life with a fresh perspective. We tune into nature, watch our stress vanish, and go with the flow.

This luxury resort near to Rishikesh has a rejuvenation menu like no other. It is a haven for all kinds of activities so that you can get pampered in every way. Right from indoor games - snooker, chess, and carom to adventure sports, bungee jumping, trekking, safari and campfire, we have activities for all ages.

For those of you who want to visit holy shrines, we are a short drive from Rishikesh and only five kilometres away from Neelkanth Mahadev temple.

At Shaantam, we strive to instil a sense of calm among our guests. We take care of every luxury so that they can concentrate on only one thing – rejuvenating and feeling great all day. We provide a personal touch and hospitality experience which goes beyond premium spa resorts in India. We provide a blend of culture, Ayurveda, yoga, nature, science, and rejuvenation. We serve you a life regimen in the form of hospitality!

Luxury Cottage

Surrounded by the serenity of majestic green Himalayan ranges, the luxurious elegance of this cottage allows you to surrender yourself entirely to the warmth and natur...

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Premium Cottage

The Premium Cottages offer the most serene and beautiful view of mountains and the natural beauty all around. Each of our Premium Cottage is 550 sq feet in size, with ...

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Address: Neelkanth Temple Road, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

Phone: +91-9999-534-200 / +91-6398-605-185


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